Electronics Division

Orders and earnings for on-vehicle and audiovisual equipment, as well as for information processing equipment and other products, fell both in Japan and abroad. With regard to profitability, lower capacity utilization, combined with restructuring related to unprofitable products, led to an operating loss.
Consequently, net sales for the consolidated fiscal year amounted to 7,065 million yen, down 16.7% from 8,484 million yen in the previous fiscal year. There was an operating loss of 280 million yen compared to operating income of 124 million yen in the previous fiscal year.

Outlook for the Future

While the market for on-vehicle equipment and audiovisual equipment is projected to continue growing in the future, there are many participants in these sectors and the competition is likely to become more intense.
The Company i s working to increase profitability by utilizing the technological and development capabilities we have built up over many years in the field of on-vehicle equipment as well as by creating a powerful product lineup.
As for on-vehicle equipment, we are focusing our efforts on winning more orders for our proprietary cameras, as well as cameras and displays with integrated image processing features. In addition, we are endeavoring to roll out on-vehicle and audiovisual products for automobiles, boats and construction equipment, as well as products in the security and health care sectors.
In the realm of information processing equipment, we are focusing our proposals on products with high added value in order to enhance profitability.
We set up a booth at the Factory Network Business Conference (FBC) for the four the straight year in Shanghai, where the 2015 edition of the event was held on Wednesday and Thursday, September 9-10. The booth, jointly run with RHYTHM INDUSTRIAL (DONG GUAN ) exhibited on-vehicle equipment along with molded parts and connector components.

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