Business Philosophy

Basic Principles
We shall contribute to the formation of an enriched, enjoyable and safe society through the ongoing pursuit of unrelenting creation and innovation.

  • We shall create products and services that please all.
  • We shall endeavor to facilitate the prosperity of affiliated parties through business dealings all over the world.
  • We shall establish a corporate culture rich in vitality.

Corporate Motto

  • Maintain a spartan spirit.
  • Maintain an uncompromised scientific (rational) spirit.
  • Maintain a wholesome and cooperative (harmonious) spirit.

The corporate philosophy of the RHYTHM WATCH group represents a guiding light down the path of the "corporate image" that we aspire to.
The "corporate image" that we pursue is embodied by a business that is truly capable of contributing to society. The value of the existence of a business is founded on this "contribution to society," and in order to achieve that, sustainable growth as a business is absolutely necessary. In turn, sustainable growth requires "unrelenting creation and innovation. " Applying creative and innovative efforts to bringing forth new products and services enables us to bring joy to all different kinds of people, thus fulfilling our goal of "contributing to the formation of an enriched, enjoyable and safe society." This is the true embodiment of the kind of business that we want to be.

Business Philosophy

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